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Education is often confused with Literacy and the other way around. Education reaches those depths of mind, which literacy can hardly attempt to grasp. It is what makes a child grow into a responsible citizen or make him/her capable of taking right decisions independently. Educational institutions need to comprehend this difference and work towards it via ‘carrot’ and not ‘stick’ as the mind’s curiosity can only be comprehensively satisfied by the former. Every child is a genius in his/her own right but it is up to the teacher to bring it out as ‘there are no dull students but only dull teachers’.

These are the type of obstacles we strive to overcome at Verma Coaching Academy, Dehradun. Academic excellence with character and personality development is what we aim to accomplish, making the student both responsible and independent. At Verma Coaching Academy it is the well-rounded development of the children accompanied with both academic and extra-curricular activities is what allows the child to be equipped with necessary skills to take on future challenges and full-fill their potential.

The efficient and effective use of linguistic ability, broad academic curriculum, the questioning approach that leads to scientific discoveries, calculation of maths, amalgamation of past-present to make a rich healthy society are some of the basic academic structure and tools used at Verma Coaching Academy to prepare a child for Entrance Examination along with overall personality development invaluable for Interviews. They are also taught how to adjust in new environment with new children. Since children are from different places they mingle with each other and learn different culture.

In a nutshell, Verma Coaching Academy is a coaching institute with Indian values and an international outlook.

The Academy’s Purpose

What we do

We not only prepare children to crack India’s Top Boarding Schools Entrance Exam but also have Residential Facilities (Boarding/Hostel) for Children as young as 5 yrs.

How we do things

We have a separate 11 month Strategic Plan for every student according to their needs, which Our teachers and strive to accomplish on daily basis.

Why we exist

Our extensive education underpinned by Indian values and an international outlook, helps our girls and boys thrive today and tomorrow. ‘It’s a Home away from Home’.

Coaching for Admission (Entrance Exams/Interviews) in India's Top Boarding schools like (Alphabetical Order):


We do what’s right, not what’s easy


We value everyone for who they are


We get up, we don’t give up

Our Teachers

Our goal is to provide high-quality coaching that will help our students to be ready to scale new heights and explore new vistas in life. We believe in, and strive to equip our students with a strong character, self-discipline, and sound moral values.

DiD You Know?

The Academy provides healthy & hygenic food , spacious accommodation, airy rooms, single wooden beds, big dining room, separate accommodation for boys and girls, motherly care by our ladies staff and matron and a very homely atmosphere.

About Our Results

Verma Coaching Classes has been producing excellent result in Leading Public School Entrance Examinations for the last Thirty Years, has pleasure to announce his last few years Results..